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I'll be writing blogs and making video blogs on a regular basis on various subjects that most people in their personal or professional capacity can relate to like – happiness, stress, relationships, peace of mind, confidence, state of mind, creativity, entrepreneurship, sales, leadership etc.

By the way all my articles, videos and coaching will be based on 3 Principles understanding which was discovered by a Scottish Welder, Sydney Banks, who in my view was a wonderful human being and has made such a huge difference in the fields of psychology, business, education, jails, communities and in personal lives of so many people. I, too, am thankful to him. As a result of these Principles, my life has become so much better. I still do get stressed, nervous, anxious, confused, feel angry, upset, don’t know what to do but it doesn’t matter anymore because I know once my mind clears, I will start to feel better and as a result of that I'll feel more relaxed, peaceful, happy, creative, decisive even loving, understanding and more compassionate towards others. Why? Because that’s how it works. Not only for me because I'm some special guy (I'm not) but for everyone out there including you. Believe me? Or should I say don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. When you are down and out and don’t know what to do. Wait for your mind to clear and see if all the positive feelings come to you like water droplets pouring on a rainy day. I'm not talking about perfection but understanding. Once you understand where your experience comes from, your life changes. In the near future, I'll be talking more and writing more about it on my website to make it clear for you guys. And the good news is, you can also send me an email at sunnyjpunjabi@gmail.com and fix a free session (usually 2 hours) and we can talk about anything that’s troubling you or you are having a problem with, I'll be more than happy to help. We can have a session in person (if you live in Hong Kong), on a phone or via skype.

In the meantime, you can go over to the blog section and enjoy the articles and videos. If you like what you are reading or listening, you can subscribe to it. And in return, you will receive a free audio.

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