Your feelings don’t tell you about the situation

Recently, I met up with an old childhood friend and she gave me a contact of a person in this NGO, I could work with. Basically, I want to offer a free workshop to a group of refugees at this NGO and since the past 2 weeks I’ve been struggling to come up with an overview and don’t know what to say. I’ve read at least 7-8 articles about these refugees in the SCMP (South China Morning Post) and I’ve read it twice (not every article though) but still couldn’t come up with anything. Then I realized, I’m trying to get it right. I want to write something that will sit one-hundred percent right with the person in charge. Essentially, I want him to say an immediate YES, the minute he lays eyes on my

It's Okay To Be Afraid And Still Go After What You Want

In today’s video, I talk about fear and share my recent experience with it. I also speak about the actual cause of fear and how real it looks. Once you find out where fear really comes from, it will stop looking real and it won’t stop you from going after your dreams. If this is something you want, then hit the PLAY button and Enjoy! Btw, If you’re interested in subscribing to my weekly newsletter, please visit my website and upon registration, you can get a free audio gift titled “Why Forgiveness is Actually Good For Us?”. If you would like to share any comments or would love to have a free coaching session where you can talk about anything you want like stress, jobs, re

Women Empowerment: You are perfect the way you are regardless of your past

Ever since the Harvey Weinstein case, I’ve spotted a few articles online regarding various cases of sexual assaults or harassments on women and about The Me Too movement around the world. To be honest, if I say, I understand what these women have gone through or are going through, I would be lying because I don’t. The person who’s gone through it knows how it feels and I’m very sorry if you are one of them and I wouldn’t wish such a dreadful thing happen to anybody in this entire universe, not even my enemies. I believe, today, women all around the world are taking various steps to stand up for themselves and others to bring lasting change in the society which is a good thing in my view. How

Silence can be fun and comfortable

A lot of people feel uneasy and uncomfortable around silence including myself. But, I have to admit not always. Today was one of those times where I actually enjoyed it. I was listening to a Barcelona radio show hosted by Philippe Bartu where he talks to his partner Juan Jose Quesada and I loved it very much. During the show, both of them, the host and the guest, went completely silent for a sec or two and apparently in the world of radio, it’s not considered very nice to go quiet. They call it dead time. During this period of absolute silence, I felt very peaceful and happy on a deep level. The kind of happiness where you feel you have everything and don’t need anything in the world. You ar

Hope and Wisdom

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