What are you really made of?

Today, I'm so happy to share one of my favourite coaches' (Michael Neill) video. In this video, he talks about who we really are instead of what we think we are. It's very encouraging and inspirational video. Click and Enjoy! If you've enjoyed this video, you can visit his website www.michaelneill.org and enjoy his written blogs, videos and podcast. I usually go to his website on a weekly basis and I learn a lot.

I’ll be happy when I…

The above title is a sentence stem taken from Jamie Smart’s ‘The Little Book of Clarity’. Actually, I’ve been wanting to write about this since a few days and coincidently Jamie’s book came in the mail. Apparently, it is a gift for me which is very kind of him. So let’s start from my teen days, what I thought would make me happy as follows: From Teens to Twenties I’ll be happy when I have a girlfriend I’ll be happy when I have a degree I’ll be happy when I can study full time in a university I’ll be happy when I’m good at English I’ll be happy when I have the confidence like other people I’ll be happy when I don’t need to work anymore I’ll be happy when I can speak English using difficult or

I'm all good! My partner's the one who doesn't understand me and needs to change!

Do you ever feel it’s your partner who needs to change. I’m all good! There’s nothing wrong with me. If only he/she changed, my life would be better. I, too, on numerous occasions, have left that way. In today’s video, I share something different which could make a huge difference in your life. I know it has made a difference in mine and if you’re open to it, please click, watch and enjoy yourself. Btw, If you’re interested in subscribing to my weekly newsletter, please visit my website www.hopenwisdom.com and upon registration, you can get a free audio gift titled “Why Forgiveness is Actually Good For Us?”. If you would like to share any comments or would love to have a free coaching sessio

You don’t need to feel bad for having negative thoughts

People feel guilty about having negative thoughts. Even I’ve felt bad about having negative thoughts on numerous occasions. When I’ve had them, I’ve felt disgusted with myself and started to wonder where did this come from and felt how could I of all the people in the world come up with such a horrible thing. I didn’t think I could come up with this. But the good thing is, it makes you humble, you start to see other guys who’ve committed such heinous crimes in the world in a whole new way. You can see that anyone including us can commit such horrendous acts if we take our own messed up thinking seriously and act on it. Of course, I’m in no way suggesting that those who commit such evil deeds

Hope and Wisdom

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