Entrepreneur Series: Episode 1: 3 secrets of becoming a successful and happy Entrepreneur

Today, in Episode 1 I share 3 secrets that will help you on your Entrepreneurial journey. These are not only secrets but 3 spiritual facts that apply to anyone and everyone in life and business. This video is good for both rookie Entrepreneurs and those who have been on it for decades. Both parties can get value from it. And once people understand what they are, not intellectually but really understand. Anything can happen or should I say is possible in a positive way. You can create a business of your desire, have a great life and make more money. Not only these facts will help you create a fantastic business with ease but you will also start to enjoy life & business with more peace, calm a

Relationship series: Episode 5 - Enjoy your spouse instead of focusing on weaknesses

This is Episode 5 of Relationship Series. Main title is “How to be happy with your spouse and have a great marriage and life?” and in today’s video we will focus on “Enjoy your spouse instead of focusing on weaknesses”. I’m sorry today I got a little carried away in the beginning, I talk about offering free coaching and speaking services for more than 10 minutes and of course there’s a lot of nice stuff in there but if you want to jump straight into the topic, you could fast forward it to 10 mins and 51 seconds. Sorry about that, it happens when you are passionate about something. Click, Listen and Enjoy! Btw, If you’re interested in subscribing to my weekly newsletter, please visit my websi

Relationship Series: Episode 4 - You need to be compatible in order to be happy

This is Episode 4 of Relationship Series. Main title is ‘You need to be compatible in order to be happy’. Most people say that. Do you really need to be compatible? What do you think? Click and listen to what I have to say and I request you to be open minded and see for yourself. Btw this episode is good for both married couples and singles. Enjoy! Btw, If you’re interested in subscribing to my weekly newsletter, please visit my website www.hopenwisdom.com and upon registration, you can get a free audio gift titled “Why Forgiveness is Actually Good For Us?”. If you would like to share any comments or would love to have a free coaching session where you can talk about anything you want like s

You don't always have to be positive

Has someone ever told you to be positive or you’ve told others to be positive? I know I have but have you noticed, even after telling yourself umpteen times to think positive and not negative, it seems like your mind never buys into it and you feel even more frustrated and annoyed then before and start wondering why am I still not feeling good. Well, don’t worry, you are not alone. Me too. I’ve felt that many times and still feel that way. Today, I will talk about it and how easy it is, to get rid of your negative thoughts. Yes! It’s effortless. You don’t need to meditate, do yoga, breathe in or out, do laughter yoga, do positive affirmations, reframe your mind etc. etc. Although, you are mo

Hope and Wisdom

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