You have the power to achieve your dreams no matter what!

We all have dreams and wish they would come true but something comes in our way. So what really stops us from achieving our dreams. To find out, click and listen. Enjoy! After watching the video, I would like to know: What stops you from achieving your dream? If you knew nothing could stop you, what would you love to achieve or create in your life? Write to me, I’d love to hear from you or if you have a dream and haven’t been able to achieve and would love some support. Then connect with me, it’s ABSOLUELTY FREE and No strings attached. We can connect via skype/phone/whatsapp/facebook. My email address is Btw, If you’re interested in subscribing to my weekly newsle

I should be more positive!

How many of us have felt guilty for not feeling positive all the time? I know I have. If you want to feel okay about not being positive all the time, then listen to this podcast. Believe me, you will feel better and the next time IF YOU ARE NEGATIVE you may not feel as bad as you’ve done in the past. Now click, listen and enjoy! And now I’m giving away a new audio title “Confidence Booster”. Once you subscribe to my newsletter, you get to enjoy this audio. Please visit If you would like to share any comments or would love to have a free coaching session where you can talk about anything you want like stress, jobs, relationships, confidence etc., please contact me and boo

The Simple Secret to Getting More Opportunities in Life

Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash Recently, I spoke to a friend and she was worried about her future. And she had good reasons for it. Firstly, she’s no spring chicken, she’s getting older. Secondly, she has no degree. Can you relate to that? I know I can. In fact, I’ve got worried even when everything was going well in my life. Good job. Great income. Wonderful place to live in. Have you ever worried even when things were going great on the outside? So what to do when we worry? Well, some people may suggest you go jogging, watch tv, meditate or do anything that will take your mind off worrying. There’s nothing wrong with that, I do some of these things myself when I’m caught up with worry.

Hope and Wisdom

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