My name is Sunil Punjabi (a.k.a. Sunny). I am passionate about coaching because this allows me to connect and inspire people to live a wonderful life which they deserve. I am a State of Mind Coach. I show people they already have all the resources they need within themselves, the power, the wisdom, inner resilience, inner creativity, inner confidence, inner compassion etc.

Everyone is perfect the way they are, nothing is lacking. People only think they are lacking something, but, in actual fact, they are more powerful then they think they are. And my job is to unleash that potential.

By the way, I work with individuals and organizations. The best way to understand what I am saying is to experience it. If you are interested, book a session and experience it for yourself. You can also invite me to come and speak at your events or seminars.

You can check out my weekly blogs and videos by visiting my website

Freelance English Teacher (From 2002 – Present)

For the past 16 years, I have been teaching English. During this time, I have had an opportunity working with various age groups from 4 to 40 year olds. I have also trained teachers in elementary and secondary schools. The best thing I like about teaching is connecting with people, inspiring them and providing a safe and comfortable learning environment where my fellow students and teachers enjoy learning.

Coaching individuals & Groups (From May, 2018 to Present)

I have provided one to one coaching to various individuals like coaches, working women, university Student cum Entrepreneur, sales person, school teachers on various issues like relationship, overwhelm, stress, depression, work etc. I have coached people from places like Canada, USA, China, Hong Kong and UK.

Volunteer Experience:
Christian Action: (From September, 2018 to January 2019)

Currently, I am delivering group coaching workshops to Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Hong Kong.

International Social Service Hong Kong

1) Delivered a group workshop to ethnic minorities on 25th August, 2018
Workshop title: The Myth of Stress: Where Stress Really Comes From and How to Live a Happier and Healthier Life

2) Delivered a group workshop to ethnic minorities on 15th September, 2018
Workshop title: How to be happier in life and relationships?

Faith Charity Foundation
Spoke at a New Year’s function organized by Faith Charity Foundation to Domestic Helpers on 7th November, 2018
Workshop title: Money and Happiness

San Wui Commercial Society Chan Pak Sha School
Delivered a group workshop to Secondary Students on 14th December, 2018
Workshop title: You are more Powerful than you think

Coaching Café Hong Kong 
Coached an ethnic minority youth from Hong Kong Unison on 10th April, 2019


University of Hong Kong
Delivered a group workshop to students and staff on 12th April, 2019
Workshop title: More Fun! Less Stress!


Coach Training:
In the last 9 years, I have done various coach training programs and have also worked with a coach one-on-one. Here’s the list of programs I was enrolled in:

  • The Landmark Forum and Advanced Course with Landmark

  • Spiritual group and individual coaching with Sharon Wilson from Coaching from Spirit Institute

  • Coaching from Inside Out (an audio program) with Michael Neill

  • Thriving Coaches Blueprint with Jamie Smart

  • Let’s Make Money, Honey! With Mary Schiller

  • Coached with Cathy Casey

  • Coached with Dicken Bettinger (4 days Intensive in USA)

Besides the above trainings and programs, I’ve also watched and heard over 200 hours of coaching materials from various fantastic coaches/mentors like Sydney Banks, Dicken Bettinger, George Pransky, Jamie Smart, Linda Pransky, Mary Schiller, Michael Neill, Steve Chandler, Ankush Jain, Aaron Turner, Mara Gleason and many more. And I still continue to do so. It’s something I love doing in my spare time. It’s always good to read, listen and watch others and continue learning.


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Our feeling are evidence of our mental well-being. Find positive and loving feelings, for they will guide you through life far better than resentment and grudges.

Sydney Banks, The Missing Link


Hope and Wisdom

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