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 Yes! Anybody can be an Entrepreneur!
on 28th November, 2018

A few details about the new Entrepreneurial program, the Webinar on 28th Nov,  and a glimpse into how vital State of Mind is to your Entrepreneurial Success.       

This is not only restricted to a chosen few. No! In fact, anybody can jump on this bandwagon. Most people think I can’t be an Entrepreneur because I don’t know anything about business, or I’m a woman or I’m a housewife (or a mom) with lots of responsibilities and no time to do anything else or I’m not smart enough or I’m not experienced enough or I have no degree or business skills or I’m terrible with numbers etc. etc.

Well, I am not saying you don’t need certain skills when starting off. Maybe you do. But waiting till you have everything in place? Does that makes sense to you? I’m not sure, it’s for you to decide. Let me share my most favourite Entrepreneur’s story and see if it makes sense to you. My dear beloved Entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, not only a successful Entrepreneur but a lovely guy with a heart who cares, when he started off his magazine called Student and Virgin Records business in the 70’s, I don’t think he knew anything about business. He ventured anyways because he believed he had an idea or a product that could make a difference to people and that was good enough for him to pursue his dreams. And I love his famous one liner “Screw it, let’s do it”.  To me, it sounds like, don’t think much, roll your sleeves and let’s get on with it. Very inspiring and encouraging! At least to me.

I have another example to share, yes, Steve Jobs, the one and only. He didn’t know anything about business when he started Apple but he learnt on the way. I’ve also heard him say business is not rocket science. So you can actually learn the nuts and bolts of business while you’re in it.

By the way, this program is mainly aimed at people who’ve never started any business of any kind or those who had taken a shot at it but failed and have never gone back since.


In this program you will learn about state of mind. How having a clear state of mind is the key to success. With a clear of state of mind, you will know exactly what to do in your business. Your inner GPS will guide you every step of the way even in unknown territories just like how GPS in cars guides people in foreign cities. They just need to rent a car, get in, buckle up, turn the key and switch the GPS and off they’re on their way.


Here in this program you will learn we all have this inner GPS to guide us constantly just like how my inner GPS guided me to come up with this program. The title, the details etc. etc.

The good news is we all have it as long as you’re humans. No! You don’t need to be smart! You don’t need to be experienced! You don’t need to be good looking! (Just Joking! J) You don’t need to be a man! You don’t need to leave your kids or family! You don’t need to divorce your partner or abandon your kids! You don’t need to be good with numbers! You don’t need to know how to run or start a business. You don’t need to be positive! You don’t even need to have a positive mind set!

In this program you will not learn any techniques or methods. I won’t teach you how to market yourself, how to use FB, Twitter, Linkedin or any other social media platforms to market yourself. I won’t even teach you how to communicate better, how to be more resilient, how to connect with clients, what to say or not to say etc. etc.

This is not an application model where you will be given a set of techniques or methods to apply. No! Nothing like that! It is an understanding model. As your understanding deepens you will start to experience your true self. As a result of this, you will:

  • Have more enjoyment in life

  • Feel more calm and less stressed

  • Be able to listen at a deeper level and have great connections and relationships with clients, friends, colleagues, family and staff

  • Be more resilient

  • Be more creative and innovative

  • Have more confidence

All these things are not an exaggeration but it is you, me and all of us. We all have these innate beautiful qualities that are there right from the second we were born. You don’t need to work on any of this. However, most courses out there will teach you how to communicate effectively, raise your EQ, be more confident, hone your listening skills or teach you how to better connect with clients and prospects and so on and so forth. But here you don’t learn any of this because it’s all built in. You, me and 7 billion people out there, each one of us has already got all these wonderful features within us. You only need to understand what is state of mind and as your understanding deepens, you will start to enjoy more of the qualities mentioned above. Not only will you have better quality of life but it will inspire you to effortlessly create amazing things in the world. And who knows that in turn could make you more money.

As mentioned earlier, you will know what to do next. What your next steps should be. Maybe you need to learn how to build a website or hire a guy who can do marketing for you or contact certain prospects, or join network groups etc.


That’s the beauty, we all have this inner GPS and it doesn’t matter whether you have any experience or not, whether you’ve started 10 businesses in the past and failed miserably, whether you are confident or not or whatever. It doesn’t matter.


There is no right way of doing business or becoming a successful Entrepreneur or running your business. You can be yourself and do the business the way you like just like how Richard Branson does. He has his own way of doing things which may be totally different from Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos or even Elon Musk. Does that mean one is better than the other? No. There are just different ways of doing things and you get to choose whichever way your inner GPS guides you. In the process, you get to be yourself, enjoy life and have fun in business. Isn’t that cool? I wish I knew this when I was younger. But like we’ve heard, it’s never too late.

So if you think what I’ve said makes sense and you resonate with it, then join me for the FREE webinar on 28th November, 2018 from 7-8.15pm Hong Kong Time and the title will be ‘Yes! Anybody can be an Entrepreneur’. In the session, I will talk about:

  1. What prevents us from becoming an Entrepreneur

  2. What we have going for us that can make us a successful Entrepreneur

  3. Q&A session (you can ask anything related to the topic)

  4. Tell you about the our New Entrepreneurial program

To join the webinar, you need to send me an email at before 20th November, 2018.

Hope and Wisdom

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