Women Empowerment: You are perfect the way you are regardless of your past

Ever since the Harvey Weinstein case, I’ve spotted a few articles online regarding various cases of sexual assaults or harassments on women and about The Me Too movement around the world. To be honest, if I say, I understand what these women have gone through or are going through, I would be lying because I don’t. The person who’s gone through it knows how it feels and I’m very sorry if you are one of them and I wouldn’t wish such a dreadful thing happen to anybody in this entire universe, not even my enemies.

I believe, today, women all around the world are taking various steps to stand up for themselves and others to bring lasting change in the society which is a good thing in my view. However, I want to take this article in a slightly different direction. I want to empower women in a different way from the inside by showing them what each one of them already has within them despite their past and on what’s happening in the external environment. Before continuing this article, I would like to apologize in advance for not keeping abreast of any new developments about this subject but I can assure you the amount of information I have is enough to write this article.

Regardless of what happens on the outside whether the perpetrators get away or not, whether companies and bosses change or not, I want to point out that all the women out there whether you’ve had this terrible experience or not, all of you, each one of you out there is perfect and sitting in the middle of innate health. In fact, I have a beautiful quote to share by Sydney Banks which has been taken from his lovely book – The Missing Link as follows:

Mental health lies within the consciousness of all human beings,

but it is shrouded and held prisoner by our own erroneous thoughts.

The reason why I share the above quote is basically to confirm what I said earlier. According to Mr. Banks, we all have mental health inside us as long as you are a human being. It doesn’t say only men, women or certain type of men, women or children for that matter. It includes everyone. In his quote, he also points out why people don’t feel that way is because it’s been shrouded and held prisoner by our own erroneous thoughts. To me erroneous thoughts are the negative thoughts or thoughts that are not so helpful and prevent us from recognizing our true identity and stops us from moving forward in a positive way in life. So what are these erroneous thoughts, it could be anything like guilt, self-blame, unworthiness, anger either towards us or the perpetrators. Until we have these thoughts or any other limiting thoughts we may not be able to see our authentic self, i.e. innately healthy.

There is another quote I want to share from the book of Genesis (1:27) to prove we all have this innate health (or wisdom) taken from the biblehub (http://biblehub.com/niv/genesis/1.htm) website as follows:

So God created mankind in his own image,

in the image of God he created them;

male and female he created them

Here it says very clearly, both male and female are created in God’s image which includes all human beings as mentioned in Mr. Banks’ quote. I don’t know what others think when the word God is used, to me God is perfection, peace, love, kindness, compassion, power, humility etc. So if God’s all that, then we all are that. I remember Wayne Dyer used to give a pizza analogy and I will say it in my way. If you cut a slice of pizza from a 12” pizza, that slice is still pizza, it’s not different. It doesn’t suddenly turn into spaghetti, just because you cut it. And if you tell anyone, no it’s spaghetti, they would probably laugh at you. So in other words, if we are made in the image of God, we are God too. And if we are God, then we all have the attributes that God has like peace, happiness, compassion, humility, power etc. The only reason we don’t feel it because we have too much thinking going on in our heads. Some of you out there may say, what I’m talking is crap, it doesn’t make sense. Doesn’t matter. Just because someone doesn’t believe in gravity, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Whether you believe it or not, it doesn’t matter, just consider it. And if you don’t feel comfortable with the label of God, it doesn’t matter too. Replace it with something else. Just know you have everything within you. There’s nothing to achieve on the outside in order to feel okay. Like I said no matter what happens on the outside, you’re all perfect. Your thinking only makes you feel otherwise. Watch this video where my favourite coach Michael Neill’s also saying something similar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XB4hQXZtY-4. After this video, if you’re up for it, reflect on what has been said and you are most welcome to share your insights at sunnyjpunjabi@gmail.com.

Thanks, take care and have a lovely week!

Sunny :)

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Hope and Wisdom

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