Your feelings don’t tell you about the situation

Recently, I met up with an old childhood friend and she gave me a contact of a person in this NGO, I could work with. Basically, I want to offer a free workshop to a group of refugees at this NGO and since the past 2 weeks I’ve been struggling to come up with an overview and don’t know what to say. I’ve read at least 7-8 articles about these refugees in the SCMP (South China Morning Post) and I’ve read it twice (not every article though) but still couldn’t come up with anything. Then I realized, I’m trying to get it right. I want to write something that will sit one-hundred percent right with the person in charge. Essentially, I want him to say an immediate YES, the minute he lays eyes on my email. No wonder I can’t come up with anything because I’m trying so hard to get it perfectly right. Have you ever felt that? You were working on something and wanted it so bad but were struggling with how to move forward. From what I know, life doesn’t work like that. Sometimes, what you create will click with others and at other times it just won’t. That’s life. Nothing personal. It is what it is. When you are highly invested in the results, when you really desperately want something to happen, things and ideas don’t come to you in the moment because you are so bogged down with your thoughts. It’s like a water pipe, when there are various objects (are like thoughts) clogging up the pipe, water just doesn’t flow smoothly. The minute you let go, something happens. The pipe clears up, and at once, the water gushes out. The other metaphor that comes to mind is about the clouds and the sun. The minute the clouds part, the sun that was already there hidden behind the clouds will reappear. Similarly, the minute you realize it’s only thought and relax, your wisdom (which is always there in each one of us right from birth regardless of our qualifications, religion, race, nationality, job titles etc.) will come through and save the day, give you ideas or whatever you want in the moment. So if you ever feel stuck in life, it’s okay. It happens. Sometimes we feel stuck and sometimes we don’t. The feelings are only telling us about our thinking and nothing else. It’s not telling us about our future. How it’s going to be? or about our past. It only and only tells us about our thoughts in the moment. So sometimes, I have these optimistic thoughts about my new coaching business like Yeah! It’s easy to get clients; this understanding that I have is going to make a huge difference; I’m going to be making huge amounts of money, no sweat etc. etc. and at other times, I have negative thoughts - I don’t know how to coach; coaching is difficult; I don’t think anyone is interested and so on and so forth. But both these so called negative and positive thoughts are only telling me about my thoughts in the moment and nothing else. It’s like what Jamie always says, the fuel gauge in the car only tells you about how much fuel you have in the tank and nothing more. It doesn’t tell you how your future is going to be like or what you can’t achieve because of your past. So next time when you have an inspiration to go after something and later on you have so called negative thoughts like I’m not going to be successful or Who am I to do it? or I don’t stand a chance or whatever. Just see for what it is. As usual, don’t take my word for it. Test it for yourself, you’ll see if you don’t take it seriously, your so called negative thoughts will vanish and new ones will come to guide you on your desired path. It’s happened to me so many times and it continues to do so. Nothing to worry. Just like the weather, sometimes it’s cold, sometimes it’s hot, sometimes humid and sometimes dry. Even if we don’t like the rain, we can’t stop it. It will come and go on its own without us doing anything. If you’d like you can share your experiences at, I would love to hear from you.

In the meantime, have a great week and a lovely holiday for those living in Hong Kong!

Take care,

Sunny :)

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Hope and Wisdom

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