You don’t need to feel bad for having negative thoughts

People feel guilty about having negative thoughts. Even I’ve felt bad about having negative thoughts on numerous occasions. When I’ve had them, I’ve felt disgusted with myself and started to wonder where did this come from and felt how could I of all the people in the world come up with such a horrible thing. I didn’t think I could come up with this. But the good thing is, it makes you humble, you start to see other guys who’ve committed such heinous crimes in the world in a whole new way. You can see that anyone including us can commit such horrendous acts if we take our own messed up thinking seriously and act on it. Of course, I’m in no way suggesting that those who commit such evil deeds should not face the consequences.

Yesterday, my mom was telling me she gets negative thoughts and she was not really happy about it and she was wondering why was she getting such awful thoughts when she was trying to lead a good pious life. I’m not sure what she really meant by that but I’m guessing – she listens to good spiritual/religious material on a daily basis, goes to her place of worship and does some volunteer work on a regular basis. I know it can get pretty frustrating, doing all the right things in life and still having such crazy thoughts in our heads. It happens with me too.

Sydney Banks was a Scottish Welder who had a profound enlightenment experience where he discovered the 3 Principles. One of the principles is Thought and according to this principle every single one of us on this planet has thoughts as long as we are humans. But of course, the content for each one might be different. What a housewife thinks might be different from what a teenager thinks. A housewife might have thoughts like – what should I cook today, what groceries do I need and where can I buy them etc. While the teenager might think about his/her assignments, what to eat in Mcdonalds or how to get this girl/boy to like me etc. etc. So through the power of thought both the housewife and teenager think but of course their content is different as mentioned above. And both have a choice on which thoughts to take seriously and act upon it and which thoughts to ignore. Let’s say a housewife is angry and gets a thought of stabbing her husband for not putting his socks in the laundry, she has a choice whether to take that thought seriously or not. If she doesn’t enact it, it’s okay. There’s nothing wrong to have such a thought or to feel guilty about it because after all, all of us including myself get negative thoughts. However, as mentioned earlier, we have a choice. So next time if you are angry and want to kill someone and as long as you don’t do anything about it, there’s nothing wrong with that.

I would also like to say, through the Principle of Thought we all will get thoughts whether positive or negative. They are just thoughts and the beautiful thing is one thought comes in and goes out and then the other pops up. Basically, it keeps changing. If in the early morning, you woke up with an angry feeling, it basically means you had an angry thought in your head. By lunch time, you felt happy because by then the angry thought left you and it was replaced with a happy one. So all these thoughts whether positive or negative are temporary. They are not here to stay forever and that’s good news because next time you feel angry, you don’t need to do anything to change it. A lot of people think, they need to do something, you don’t have to unless a thought of doing something comes in the moment. And this can be different each time depending on how your inner wisdom guides you in that moment. Sometimes, your inner voice might just tell you to sit with it, at other times, it might ask you to might walk away from a middle of a conversation and take a break to calm yourself down. So next time if you get mad, jealous or revengeful, you don’t have to feel bad as long as you are not harming others. Relax and be easy on yourself. It happens, after all, we are all humans.

Hope you enjoyed the article and if there’s anything you’d like to share, please do write to me, I will be more than happy to hear your story.

Take care and have a lovely week!

Sunny :)

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