How to be less stressed and more happy?

What is stress and where does it come from?

Stress has become a huge thing. In modern days, most people are suffering from stress. Are you stressed? And where do you think stress comes from? Most people think stress comes from demanding jobs, nagging spouses, bad economy, office politics, controlling parents, studies, difficult bosses, tight deadlines, long working hours, missing targets, unsupportive managers, girl/boyfriends or somewhere else?

Well, me too, I sometimes feel stress comes from somewhere outside of us. For me, it feels like it’s coming from my wife, work, not getting an aisle seat in the plane, working long hours, not having a work life balance etc. etc. Now what I’m about to say is something radically different from what you may have heard before. Stress doesn’t come from anywhere outside. Stress comes from one place and that is within. Now you may say, yeah, but you don’t know about my life. I have so and so circumstances and my life is difficult. What do you know? It’s easy for you to say that, you aren’t in my shoes. I totally agree, I’m not and I’m sorry what you are going through in life. But I will say it again, stress only comes from one place and that is within and not from outside regardless of your circumstances.

Let me give you an example, let’s take 2 people A and B, both have the same boss who is difficult and super demanding but A gets stressed associating with his boss while B feels excited and enjoys working with the same boss. Now the boss is the same but A’s reaction is totally different from B. Why? Nothing to do with the boss. It’s to do with them. Before continuing, let me tell you what stress is. Stress is nothing but a thought and a stressful thought creates a stressful situation. A has stressful thought that’s why he feels stressed while B has thoughts of excitement and therefore he feels excited.

So what to do when you are stressed?

Well, nothing because all humans on this planet think and feel. If they think happy, they feel happy. If they think sad, they feel sad. Another worth remembering is, thoughts are random and they are transient. So if I ask you what are you going to think in the next 10 minutes, will you be able to tell. Most probably not. The other thing is whatever thoughts you have, it will change by itself. So if you are angry or if you’ve ever been angry, I’m sure without doing anything like affirmations, positive thinking, visualization or anything else for that matter, the angry thought must have left and the next thought might have been a happy one or peaceful one. Don’t take my word. Next time, you get angry (and if you can see it in the moment), just leave it alone and see what happens.

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