Why do I have fear when things don’t go my way? I should have more faith

In today’s podcast, I talk about fear. What’s fear and what’s the solution? This topic is inspired by a friend and I thought it will be a great topic to talk on. Btw, Guru is an Indian word and it means Master or Teacher. Here I am not referring to any teacher but a spiritual teacher. And I also realized, there’s a small error in my recording. I wanted to say when I got on stage within 5-10 minutes, my fear would disappear not confidence. So sorry for that. Do you have a spiritual master? Have you ever felt guilty for not having enough faith especially when things don’t go your way? Do you judge yourself for not having faith in times of trouble? Then listen to this audio and yes what I am saying is probably radically different from what you are used to hearing but I request you to listen with an open mind. And most importantly, if you’d like, please experiment what I am saying here. Don’t just take my word. Now click, listen and enjoy!

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In the meantime, have a great week!

Take care & Enjoy!

Sunny :)

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