You don't always have to be positive

Has someone ever told you to be positive or you’ve told others to be positive? I know I have but have you noticed, even after telling yourself umpteen times to think positive and not negative, it seems like your mind never buys into it and you feel even more frustrated and annoyed then before and start wondering why am I still not feeling good. Well, don’t worry, you are not alone. Me too. I’ve felt that many times and still feel that way. Today, I will talk about it and how easy it is, to get rid of your negative thoughts. Yes! It’s effortless. You don’t need to meditate, do yoga, breathe in or out, do laughter yoga, do positive affirmations, reframe your mind etc. etc. Although, you are most welcome to do any of the above but you DON’T HAVE to. If you want to know an easier way, then please click and enjoy!

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