The Simple Secret to Getting More Opportunities in Life

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Recently, I spoke to a friend and she was worried about her future. And she had good reasons for it. Firstly, she’s no spring chicken, she’s getting older. Secondly, she has no degree. Can you relate to that? I know I can. In fact, I’ve got worried even when everything was going well in my life. Good job. Great income. Wonderful place to live in. Have you ever worried even when things were going great on the outside?

So what to do when we worry? Well, some people may suggest you go jogging, watch tv, meditate or do anything that will take your mind off worrying. There’s nothing wrong with that, I do some of these things myself when I’m caught up with worry. However, I am going to suggest a different way. Slow down. Yes! You heard it correct. Slow down. Now some of you might say SLOW DOWN! ARE YOU NUTS? We have family, bills to pay, kids to take care of and a million other things to look after. And you are suggesting to SLOW DOWN? Yes! Yes! Yes! I know you have all these responsibilities but I will still say the same thing and not deter from repeating it. When I say slowdown, I mean from inside and not outside. Of course, you need to do stuff in life, take care of your loved ones, feed your children etc. etc. So how do you do that? By realizing that your mind is zooming in and out like a bullet train with billion thoughts. And when you are travelling on a 400 km per hour high-speed train, you can’t see the mountains, the lakes, the trees outside, everything passes by in a blur. However, now reimagine yourself sitting in a bus that’s travelling at 40 km per hour, how much of the view you can enjoy and absorb in, the beautiful blue sky, the lovely trees, the luscious green grass etc. etc. Once you can see it’s just your mind travelling at lightning speed and nothing real, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Yeah, I bet! This is all okay when things are going well on the outside. But how about when times are really bad? When you’ve been sacked because your company is not doing well or when the economy is in worse shape? Now tell me? Do you have an answer for that? Well, then too, the solution is the same. Slow Down. With a relaxed mind, one can come up with a practical solution to overcome any situation, no matter how dire. And from experience, it’s usually easier to come up with creative ideas when relaxed then when tensed.

Let me share my personal experience. I’m not sure if you know this about me, besides coaching, I’m also a freelance English Teacher. 6 years ago, it was nearly the end of August, I had no job for the coming school year and I absolutely needed one. Luckily, I got a call for an interview but the days they wanted me to work didn’t quite suit me. Despite that, I still went for the interview and did my best. I didn’t worry or bother too much about the outcome, just focused on showing up, enjoying the moment and doing my best. Guess what? They liked me very much but couldn’t change their timetables for me but I was still okay with that. The following day, out of nowhere, in the middle of the afternoon, they called me and out of desperateness, they agreed to my days and timings and I got a job with a good salary. I was really surprised but excited. If I had been super tensed I might not have done well in my interview and most probably not gotten the job. Now, I’m not saying I’m always relaxed in such situations, I do lose my balance and that happens to everybody in the world. There are times when I’m calm and times when I’m not. By the way, once the mind clears up, opportunities start to pop up everywhere. Not that there weren’t any before, it’s just that we were too occupied with our thinking. Just like me, ever since I have started watching Korean Dramas, I see and hear more Koreans around my surroundings. Does that mean there were none before? I probably think there were but I just wasn’t paying attention unlike now.

How about you? When do ideas come to you? When you are tensed or relaxed? And what is possible for you when you slow down? What opportunities can you see with a relaxed mind?

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Take care and have a lovely week!

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