We are all happy, peaceful and loving people

We are all happy, peaceful, loving, compassionate, kind, smart, creative, intelligent people and much more. Yes, it’s difficult to believe but we are all the above and much more whether we believe it not. It’s like saying, we don’t believe the Earth moves around the Sun. Why? Because in our day to day activities, we don’t feel the Earth is moving so how can you say the Earth actually moves around the Sun. But we all know the fact whether we believe it or not.

So now you may wonder and ask, why don’t we feel that way? Because of our thinking. When we are caught up in our thinking, all that good stuff within us gets covered up just like how the Sun gets covered up by clouds. Once the clouds part, the Sun is there, as usual.

What do you mean by caught up in our thinking? Well, when we have angry, jealous, confusion, upset thoughts, our mood level goes down, and as a result, don’t feel very good. In other words, we get caught up in our thinking. So let’s say you come home and you are very hungry and the food isn’t ready so you get angry. During that time, you don’t feel love or compassion. Why? Because you are caught up in your head.

So what do we do if that happens? Well, the good news, is nothing. If we can just see, it’s our thoughts, our heads will clear up naturally and once again we will come back to our default setting i.e. love, happiness, peace, kindness, creativity, intelligence, compassion and much more. And I’m sure you have experienced that, sometime in your life. Maybe, at one point, you were upset with your kids, your spouse, your boss, your sibling, your parents or whoever they maybe, and later, when your head cleared, you had no angry, jealous or upset thoughts. You naturally felt the love and compassion for them, went up to them and spoke as if nothing ever happened or probably apologized for being a jerk. Has that ever happened to you? or when you were confused and didn’t know how to move forward in your project or work, once your head cleared, you got ideas on how to move forward.

This is how all of us are made. Isn’t that great? Now, if we are ever mad or unhappy with anyone or are confused, indecisive about work or anything, we know, if we just wait for our heads to clear up, we will see, we will be okay with the other person or we will see solutions without trying very hard. You may think, it can’t be that simple, but it is. And if you want to talk about it, you are most welcome to have a conversation. I’d love to connect with you and talk about anything that’s on your mind. And the GOOD NEWS is? It’s all FREE and No STRINGS ATTACHED.

So how do we do this? Just send me an email at sunnyjpunjabi@gmail.com or call me at +852 9751.5525 and let me know how you would like to do it. Either in person at a coffee shop in Central or via skype/zoom from the comfort of your home. So take advantage and let’s connect.

Take care and have a lovely weekend!

Sunny :)

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